Technical Committee


The Technical Committee, is a.o. responsible for the maintenance of the IMPCA Methanol Reference Specifications,

The Technical Committee, is looking for additional expertise from members, producers in particular, to meet the increasing challenges they are confronted with in their work.  Interested members should contact for further information. 

The IMPCA Methanol Reference Specifications, updated Dec. 2015 are now available for downloading.


Sampling Method Committee

A subcommittee, chaired by Mr. Peter Meeusen of Inspectorate BV, Rotterdam, was formed in 2013 to prepare a proposal for procedures which lead to the publication of an IMPCA Inspection Manual for use during Surveying Operations.  The first official version of the document IMPCA Methanol Sampling Methods was launched in November 2014.  Click below to consult / download.

"Procedures for Methanol Cargo Handling on Shore and Ship".



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6th IMPCA Mississippi Conference America

New Orleans, USA
February  8 - 9 2018


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30th IMPCA Mini-Conference

Como, Italy
June  14 - 15 2018


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  • 2/12/2018


    The 6th IMPCA Mississippi Conference America took place in New Orleans on February 8th to 9th, 2018.

  • 6/23/2017

    29th IMPCA European Mini-Conference

    The 2017 Mini-Conference  took place  in Hamburg, Germany on 8th - 9th June and had the biggest participation. SPONSORS : IMPCA would like to thank the following companies for their support for this year's Mini-Conference in Hamburg.  Gelsenchem Chemical Products GmbH, Statoil ASA, Helm, Mider Helm and Solvadis.  Sponsoshhip opportunities are available for next year's Mini-Confrence.