Torger Trige

IMPCA Sub-Committees

Technical Committee

The task of the Technical Committee is to maintain the current Methanol Reference Specification and to cover other technical issues related to the Methanol industry. At the moment there is a need to review other areas, such as the transportation by barge and safety regulations. The Technical Committee shall review the activities of other organisations that work on general chemical product regulations to see if there is a need for specific Methanol related work. This work should have a global scope, as there are sometimes specific problems in some regions.


Paul Bergers


Susanne Adolphi

Air Liquide R & D GmbH

Lars Axelsen

Dynea ASA

Valérie Carlier

Methanex Europe

Frans Leest

Atlantic Methanol Production Co.

Wolfgang Gorek

Total Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH

Roland Mostert


Dr. Andrew Poole

BP Chemicals

Trond Tenold


Methanol Sampling Committee

This committee has been established to prepare specifications for the Standardisation of Methanol Sampling Methods i.e. an IMPCA Inspection Manual for use during surveying operations. The first official version of the document IMPCA Methanol Sampling Methods - Procedures for Methanol Handling on Shore and Ship has been circulated to IMCPA members and can be consulted /downloaded.

It is the intention that thee sampling specifications shall contribute to more efficient logical operations in the movement of methanol from the producer to the end user.

Members of IMPCA may notify on the document's that "Methanol sampling has been taken in accordance with the procedures as laid down in the latest version of IMPCA Methanol Sampling Methods, f.i. by use of the specific IMPCA sign.

Membership in IMPCA is open to all companies whose activities involve the production of methanol, marketing or distribution or the use of methanol as feedstock in further chemical process for fuel purposes.

MEMBERS of the Original Committee who prepared the Original Document

Peter Meeusen

Inspectorate / Bureau Veritas

Branco M.A. Elsevier

SGS OGC -BeNELux area

Ko Minnaard

MTD Holland - Minton, Threhane and Davis

Frans Nijsen

Saybolt Nederland B.V.

Tom van Oeffel

Consultant Marine Services

Peter van Ommen

SGS Nederland

Ad Pollemans


Torger Trige

Odfjell Nederlands B.V.

René Butzelaar - in attendance

Trond Tenold – in attendance

IMPCA President

IMPCA Director/Secretary