Ordinary Membership: The Board grants Ordinary Membership to companies exercising their activities in the production of methanol, marketing or distribution or the use of methanol as feedstock in further chemical process or for fuel purposes. All applications for Ordinary Membership shall be submitted to the Secretariat of the Board. No company can be granted Membership without prior approval of the Board and before paying its first annual fee.

Associate Membership: In addition to the Ordinary Membership, the organisation is also open for Associate Membership with the following categories eligible: A. Affiliates, subsidiaries, principle offices, branches and/or regional operations of Ordinary Members

B. Independent Subsidiaries of Ordinary Members (Such companies may choose if they want to be Ordinary Member or Associate Member).

C. Universities and similar organisations.

D. Trade Associations as applicable. Application for Associate Membership of category A and B shall be submitted to the Secretariat and has to be approved by the Board.

Associate Membership of category C and D is on an individual basis on invitation from the Board.

The fees for category A and B are, in addition to the fee paid by the Ordinary Member, for a first Associate Member 50% of Annual Fee, and any additional Associate Members pay 25%. The maximum fee for any Group of Companies is 2 times the Annual Fee. There is no annual fee for categories C and D.

There are a number of restrictions to the rights of Associate Members, but generally their representatives are eligible for all committees, except for the Board.

 Currently IMPCA does not have any associate members.

For information on the current Membership fees please contact the secretariat at